10 Years Older Hands!

handsHands are one of those areas that just seem to get forgotten. Your hands get the most exposure to external elements every day, yet many of us forget to give them even a little TLC.

In an ideal world, hand cream should be applied after every time we wash and dry our hands, but the hand cream never seems handy when you are in a rush, so a simple solution is to quickly rub the excess cream you apply morning and night to your face onto the back of your hands and knuckles. Most people rub this into a tissue or a towel. What a waste !

Moisturising our face and bodies give a barrier which coats the skin and helps to keep any elements out, and natural oils and nutrients the body produces to keep our skin soft and supple, locked in.

Our hands are given the roughest journey of all. They are in constant use and exposed to detergents, dirt, bacteria, air conditioning and varying extremes of heat and cold.

Although the skin is tough and robust, as we age, the skin thins, hence why veins become more exposed and lines and crepeyness appears. IT IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST GIVE AWAYS OF YOUR AGE !

Next time you see a celebrity who has had a few little nips and tucks or more gentle help to stay young…have a look at their hands. Most of the time they have concentrated on their face and body and totally forgotten their poor ageing hands !

To go one step further to what we has been said, every time you exfoliate your face…use the excess on your hands and also with your face mask too. Hands love nourishment, so look after them each and every day.

On a special note. Hand creams will always be the better option for hands as these creams have a thicker more creamy texture, to leave a thicker coating and protection to the skin. Never be temped to use hand cream on your face though as the emollients are less refined and far too heavy for facial areas and can cause lines and blocked pores too. Any excess hand cream should be rubbed onto thicker textured skin such as knees and elbows to treat them too.

If your hands are showing signs of ageing faster than you would like and showing signs of age spots then their are many solutions both with our treatments and products including the new radio frequency skin tightening treatments or for home-care the Agera exfoliating kits. You can ring us on 01207 580880 for a free 15 minute consultation or call in to demo the exfoliator…it works like magic.!

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