Highly Effective treatment using warm electrodes which glide over the skin giving rapid results instantly, resulting in a thoroughly cleansed, congestion free and hydrated skin.

30 mins

The New Age Summum

The alternative to plastic surgery for treating signs of aging loss of firmness and lack of radience combining dermabrasion pure Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Pro collergin.

Only 50 mins to reduce the signs of ageing.

Hydradermie 2 Age Logic

Created especially to help adress specific ageing problems associated with the face, eyes and neck.
Hydradermie 2 Age Logic 2 is a luxurious, intensive three in one treatment giving maximum benefit and also includes a serenity massage to the neck, arms and hands using toning essential oils.

90 mins

The New Eye Logic

Designed specifically to target the area around the eyes to reduce the signs of ageing, fatigue and puffiness. This treatment rehydrates and regenerates, as well as ‘lifting’ the eyelids and smoothing fine lines, to restore a relaxed rejuvenated look to the whole eye area.

45 mins

Hydradermie 2 ultra lift

Designed for skin that shows signs of losing elasticity by lifting and firming cheeks, jawline and neck as well as targeting lines around eyes, mouth and forehead, resulting in a relaxed rejuvenated appearance. Recommended as a course of 6-12 treatments. Tests at Laboratóries Guinot showed the following results after 4 treatments.

  • Increase in skins radiance
  • 50% reduction wrinkle depth (especially around eye area)
  • Over 40% increase in overall firmness

60 mins

Hydradermie 2 ultra lift Deluxe

Combining the benefits of the hydradermie 2 and the hydradermie 2 lift express for lifting, firming, moisturisation and hydration for the ultimate facial

90 mins

Beaute Neuve

A hands on treatment using fruit enzymes, amino acids and vitamins to gently exfoliate and soften the skin, leaving the skin truly radiant. We recommend a course of 3 treatments weekly,
followed by a Hydradermie for superb results. Single peel can be used to boost the effects of other Guinot facial treatments.

45 mins

Hydradermie 2

Double the results, Double the comfort, cutting edge technology where in an hour of sheer relaxation, gentle galvanic and high frequency massage releases the active ingredients in specialised preparations,re-hydrating and rejuvenating the deeper layers of the skin and leaving a smoother, clearer complexion for a whole month The treatment is customised for your skin type, particularly de-hydrated, mature, oily, sensitive or pigmented. Instant results in the mirror.

60 mins

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