Skin Imperfections

You don’t have to tolerate skin imperfections such as skin tags, white heads, age spots and warts any longer. Thanks to advances in Cryotherapy, we can safely remove these imperfections, usually in only a few minutes.

Finishing Touch Health & Beauty Clinic is proud to introduce CryoPen™

CryoPen™ produces highly pressurised nitrous oxide in an accurate jet that can be used to precisely target the blemish, wart, or other skin perfection. The super-fine jet is accurate to within 1mm of the target area.

The fluid freezes the cells in the treated area, only destroying the tissues as the cells are ruptured. CryoPen is a precision tool, so the treatment will only affect the targeted area, leaving the surrounding healthy tissue intact.

CryoPen™ Before and After Photos

Please Note: You may need more than one treatment. The number of treatments required can vary depending on the skin condition being treated and its response to the cryotherapy treatment.

Price is dependent on the size of the treatment area. Finishing Touch Clinic can give you an accurate guide price once she has seen what needs to be done during your consultation. After your treatment you can resume your day as normal.

Cryotherapy can treat a range different skin imperfections, including:
Skin tags
Milia (white heads)
Age spots
Cherry angioma

Click the Play button to see CryoPen™ Cryotherapy in action on the following videos:

Age Spot

Pigmented Spot

Skin Tag

Wart on Hand