Waxing Hair Removal

What is it?

Hot Waxing is a gentler way to remove unwanted hair, making it an ideal choice for sensitive areas such as bikini lines, underarms or the face. Waxing lasts longer than shaving, which is the usual alternative. Whilst you’ll be reaching for the razor again within a day or two, with waxing you can be hair free for as long as six weeks.

What happens during a hot waxing treatment?

Firstly, we will cleanse the area to be waxed before applying oil to the area. The oil allows the wax to effectively shrink-wrap the hair, but it won't stick to the skin. And because there's less of a pull on your skin when the wax is removed, it won't hurt as much. The hot wax is then applied in a thick layer to a small area and left to cool for a few seconds. It is then quickly stripped away, taking the hairs with it.Once the area is fully hair-free, a soothing gel is applied to reduce any redness and swelling and you're free to go.

Does hot wax hurt?

Compared to traditional waxing, hot waxing is much less painful. It's over so quickly that you barely have time to register any real discomfort and there's no stinging afterwards. A benefit of our hot wax is that your hair can be as short as 1mm to be successfully removed. No more growing your hairs ready for your next treatment.

How often do I need to be waxed?

Sessions can be as regular as every 3 weeks due to the ability to treat such short hairs.

I'm going on holiday - when should I have my waxing done?

For best results have your waxing done about 2-3 days before you go away. If you will be exposing the area to the sun you must wait until all redness has disappeared (and always use sun protection!!). If you are considering spray tanning leave 24 hours in between and obviously tan after being waxed as the wax removes dead skin from the surface.

What should I do to prepare for waxing?

Stop shaving or using depilatory creams for at least two weeks beforehand. Exfoliate the skin to remove the dead skin and to free any trapped hairs under the surface. Always moisturise well as dry skin often makes waxing more painful but do not use a moisturiser the day of your waxing as it stops the wax from sticking to the hairs.

Waxing aftercare?

  • Do not expose the area that has been waxed to the sun, any excessive heat like sunbeds/saunas/steam rooms for 24 hours

  • Do not have your bath or shower too hot and avoid perfumed products on the area.

  • If underarms are waxed avoid anti perspirants and deodorants for 24 hours.

What will my skin look like immediately after waxing?

Most people get the "plucked chicken" look...this is normal, some people bleed a little especially if the hairs are thick but that should all go within 24 hours but usually after a few hours. The more times you have waxing the less painful it gets and the hairs seem to grow back finer and slower.

Will I get ingrown hairs?

Most types of hair removal can distort the follicles that the hairs grow from. Professional waxing helps to minimise this problem but some people are more prone to ingrown hairs especially on the bikini line area which tend to look like spots. Exfoliating at home can help especially when the hairs are growing back.

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